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A new greenway trail system for McKays ? Meeting POSTPONED…

posted July 26, 2015

Next Thursday evening July 30 at 6:30 PM at the club house, there will be a presentation of a proposed new greenways trail system that will link Mckays Mill to the Brentwood trail system and also a proposed bike trail that will link Mckays Mill to Clovercroft Elementary .  Gary Vogrin with the Vogrin design group will be there to present the plan along with county commissioners Gregg Lawrence and Kathy Danner and Franklin City Alderman Bev Burger.  Anyone interested in providing input for this will be welcome to come.

 If you cannot make the meeting, but would like information about this, please contact Commissioner Gregg Lawrence at gregglawrence@williamson-tn.org

Updated 7/28/2015

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