Welcome to McKay’s Mill in Franklin, TN

A message from the President of Single Families.

posted August 8, 2016

Shortly you will receive a notice of a Covenant change to the Master Board documents.  We are seeking this change because with all of the development planned around McKay’s Mill, we have become a sought after neighborhood, attracting the attention of rental companies which are looking to buy anything they can here.  They typically buy under market value and sell for even less in the future, having a negative affect on the value of our homes.  The Covenant change is intended to prevent this from happening but it will not prevent a current owner from renting their home.  Only a new buyer will be effected and then only for two years, but that stipulation will discourage rental company’s from purchasing here, and there are exceptions that will prevent hardships on new buyers. Most of the subdivisions around us have, or are adopting, similar policies.

Proposed Amendment

Last update on 8/8/2016

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