Recently there have been a number of questions about evergreens turning brown and forming what looks to be a little brown cocoons.  If you see these forming on your Leland Cypress or other evergreen you have bagworms and will need to act quickly because they spread fast; will kill an evergreen in weeks and will spread to nearby evergreens very quickly.

We are in the height of bagworm season so please see the attached link in order to help identify and remediate the issue before they spread to more of your


evergreens and to your neighbors.

If your trees are beyond saving please remove the trees ASAP in order to keep pests and diseases from spreading.  The City of Franklin will pick up brush if left curbside on trash day. more information about curbside pickup can be found below


3 Responses

  1. Erica says :

    Our tree is beyond saving and are going to have to cut it down. If we cut it down, is there a day that someone would remove them from the curb or are we responsible for getting it to the dump?

  2. Chad says :

    yes, the city will take care of it if you put it by the curb on trash day. the link below provide more information

  3. Gail Sorensen says :

    The little beasts move like crazy… you need to seal them up in a strong trash bag! Unreal how far they can travel even after you pull them off your trees!