Tennis Court Rules





These Rules exist for the purpose of maintaining our courts and providing an opportunity for all residents to use them.  Each resident is asked to cooperate and to assist in enforcing them.


Courts are available on a first come, first serve basis


Courts are closed from dusk until dawn which means, courts may only be used during daylight hours.


Courts are only open to McKay’s Mill residents and their guests.  Residents must be present during play.


Do not walk or stand in back or between courts while play is in progress.


Return balls to the courts without interfering with play in progress.


Do not shout across the courts and do no use foul language.


Do not throw racquets or balls in anger.


Only sneakers or tennis shoes may be worn on the tennis courts (other shoes cause damage to the courts).


Players are expected to wear appropriate attire.  SHIRTS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES.  Bathing suits are not permitted.


Bicycles, roller skates, skateboards and pets are not permitted on the courts.  No ball playing of any kind other than tennis is permitted.


Tennis ball cans and other trash should be placed in the trash receptacles provided.


Sitting or leaning on the nets can be damaging and is strictly prohibited.


Please be considerate of other players waiting for the courts by limiting play to 90 minutes.



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