Single Family Association Announcements

You will soon be receiving a ballot in the mail from the attorney for the Single Family Association (SFA).  It is very important that you vote on this ballot and return it to our attorney per the instructions.  Faxed, scanned, or emailed ballots will not suffice, they must be returned by mail.

Item 1 and 2 are the most important items. Item 1 and 2 would allow the board to collect a $200 Capitalization Fee from the buyer of a resale home in the SFA of McKay’s Mill.  This fee would go a long way in reducing future dues increases.
A $400 fee is collected now from the buyer of NEW homes in McKay’s Mill.  This would be future revenue for the SFA on the sale of PRE-OWNED homes, paid by the buyer, which is a common practice at other associations.

 Item 3 is regarding the parking issue which we find to be unenforceable by the SFA Board.

 Item 4 will make the budgeting process identical to the budgeting process of the Master Board.

Thanks, and please vote.

 SFA Board of Directors

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