Message from Williamson County Schools

Hello Williamson County parents and staff. This is Carol Birdsong. I’m calling to share an important warning that we hope you will pass along to your friends and family in the business community. The district has received a report today of a man representing himself as “Jack Mallard” who was going door-to-door selling banners “for schools in our area.” He claimed that the schools could then sell the banners and raise money. There is no Jack Mallard representing any Williamson County school.

We appreciate the support we receive from our business community and want to make sure their donations are actually received by the school of their choice.

If you have any questions about any solicitation you receive, please give your principal or local law enforcement a call.  Each principal is aware of fundraisers that are being conducted on behalf of a particular school.

Thank you.

Last update  4/24/2015

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