Let's Give Credit

These people really know how to make a great community!

McKay’s Mill Master Board

– President
Camille Brecht
– Secretary/Treasurer
Ron Blade
– Members At Large
Stephanie R. Clark
Dominique Piot
– Single Family Association Delegate
Harold Smith
– Montgomery Place Delegate
Carole Brennan
– Park Run Condo Delegate
Kim Pelletier

Single Family Board (SFA)

– President
Ben Roddey
– Vice President
– Secretary/Treasurer
Gerry Holmes
– Members At Large
Mark Nesbitt
 J. Edward Campbell

Brenda Campbell

 Montgomery Place Board
– President
Kathy Squires
– Secretary
Frank Birkhead
– Director
Karol Krahn
– Director
Bob Smith
– Director
Carole Brennan


Park Run Board

– President
Diana Amos
– Treasurer
Chastity Kessler
– Secretary
Kim Pelletier


Single Family Board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the clubhouse at 6:30pm.

Master Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the clubhouse at 6:30pm.

These are open meetings and homeowners are invited to attend.


Liaisons from McKay’s Mill Master Board to various committees
Communications – Dominique Piot
Pool – Camille Brecht
Social – Shelly Bissinger

If you are interested in joining a committee you are encouraged to do so.  The more engaged homeowners willing to help this community grow and improve the better! Please check below and contact Mary Katherine Bates and let her know what committee you would like to be apart of.  Most committee business is handled via email so there is very little meeting time required. Here are a few community Volunteer needs:

Design Review – This committee is responsible for the review and approval of all external structural additions within the Single Family HOA.  These members work closely with the Property Manager to ensure projects are actually submitted for DRC  approval as well as ensuring that request meet HOA guidelines.  Currently there is only 1 person processing DRC requests for our HOA.

Facilities Committee: – The Facilities Committee manages the fiscal assets of the Master HOA.  Assets include playground equipment, Clubhouse, Signage, Gazebos, ETC.  There are hundreds of thousands of dollars in structures to maintain so this committee is always looking for people to help ensure our community stays in the best shape possible.

Social Committee – The social committee is responsible for planning and executing  all of our wonderful events in The Mill such as setting dates for our yard sales, putting together our yearly pool party, Easter egg hunts, fall festivals, Music in the Mill, etc.

Communications Committee – The communications committee handles the email, website and Facebook updates for the community.  Our website uses WordPress and our our email list uses EMMA.  If you are familiar with these tools or would like to learn how to use them (if  you can use Microsoft Word you can publish on the website) let us know.  We are looking for someone with some graphics background to help keep the site fresh and appealing.
Last Update 9/12/2017