Doing Good Work

Pick a committee to join and help shape our coummunity.

If you are interested with helping (and there is always room) please contact our Property Manager. They will help direct your request to the proper channels. You are what makes this community great. 

Communications Committee
They work with Birdsong Creative, the company recommended by the committee and approved by the Master Board, to develop a new McKay’s Mill website.  The committee keeps information on the new website current . They send various community information to the homeowners through e-mail blasts.

Design Review Committee
They review and approve requests from homeowners for improvements to the outside of their home or property. This includes, but is not limited to, decks, enclosing existing decks, fences, pergolas, and additions to their home.

Facilities Committee
They work with the Board to evaluate facility needs or repairs. For the Facilities committee to get involved, these needs or repairs are items that are listed in, or paid for, out of the reserve budget. The projects are considered capital expenditures, as opposed to annual operating budget maintenance items. The items must also rise to a minimum expenditure of $5,000 – $10,000+. The reserve account is funded by a portion of the homeowner’s dues. Each month a portion of all the dues go into the reserve account. Most of the time the expenditures are scheduled by Criterium, the company that does our reserve study. We work with Criterium on an ongoing basis to ensure we will have the funds necessary, long term, to keep our facilities at the level necessary to keep McKay’s Mill as the most desirable place to live.

Landscaping Committee
They work with Landscape Services, Inc.(LSI), the landscaping company on contract to the HOA, who maintains the community common areas of McKay’s Mill other than Park Run and Montgomery Place. They make recommendations to the Board when additional services are needed.

Pool Committee
They make recommendations to the Master board on any issues regarding the pool service provided by Sweetwater Pools of Nashville and on other pool needs or improvements.

Social Committee
They plan social events for the community. Money is budgeted for these events in the annual budget. See EVENTS tab under “ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY” for details about events.