Design Review Process

There is a process to making major renovations. Let's all play by the rules.

All major exterior renovations require DRC approval. Why you might ask? Well because with over 1,300 homes we strive as a HOA to keep the community as attractive and uniform as possible. A big part of that job is ensuring the members of our HOA maintain a standard of quality and appearance. (HOA By Laws and Convents can be found HERE)

What do you need to submit for approval? Here are some examples..

  • Exterior changes to your home such as major color changes of trim (doors, shutters, siding)
  • Additions to your homes current structure
  • Fences and Decks
  • Pools
  • Major Landscaping improvements (click here for acceptable Street trees selection)

The reason the DRC requires prior approval is to ensure the same quality materials and workmanship in order to maintain the required standards here in McKay’s Mill. This is to help protect the investment of all the members in our HOA.

What will you need to submit your request?
  • The process for submitting architectural applications is now thru CMACommunities.  Owners can log in to their McKay’s Mill Single Family owner account and submit the application thru their owner portal.
  • Review the Development-Guide-for-SFA 2019_06_21
  • Plot plan of your lot (if applicable) including the fence, deck, addition you are adding. Plot plans are available at the county deeds office but ask your contractor to complete this for you for accuracy.
  • The DRC tries to approve requests as quickly as possible, most are approved within two weeks.
Contact our Property Manager for questions and when you are ready to submit your request.   Last Updated 12/13/2022
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