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Important Information for Our Valued Residents.

Community Management Associates is the property management company for McKay’s Mill. They are located at in the McKay’s Mill Clubhouse. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

McKay’s Mill Site Inspection Process for Common Areas and Individual Home Maintenance

Each week the Association Manager does site inspections for McKay’s Mill. This inspection covers common areas such as landscaping, clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts etc. Any areas that need maintenance or attention are noted and these deficiencies are sent to the various vendors as needed. Some items may need Board of Director attention and if needed are directed to them for reviews and decisions.

Individual lawns and or home maintenance issues are also noted. A list of the outstanding issues is also reviewed for items that have been resolved or may need additional letters send or fining as needed. In certain cases such as empty homes the lawns may need to be maintained by the HOA and the charges will be added to the homeowner’s accounts. Other cases may include legal action.

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Governing Documents

Design Review Process

Brightview Portal

Community Documentation

As part of every Homeowner’s Association, there are governing documents that explain the process and agreed upon restrictions. We are currently undergoing a document consolidation project to make our By-laws, Covenants and Restrictions more easily understood. Until then below are our current governing documents.

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