2024 Single Family Delegate to Master Board Candidates


The below community members request to be a candidate for election to the McKay’s Mill Master Association Board of Directors; specifically serving as Single Family Delegate

Alicia Gordon: I have served as the Single Family Delegate for the past few years now. I’d like to
continue to make a difference. I try to bring a balanced/moderate approach to my position and serve
the community by thoughtfully approaching solutions to community challenges.

Jane Zacha: Graduate of University of Illinois. Business Administration. 4.0 GPA. Illinois Certified
Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, 20+ years auditor, Director of Internal Audit A.I.G.,
Financial Auditor. Retired 2018. Volunteer income tax preparation – 3 yrs. Houston, TX. YMCA
Effingham, IL. Self defense instructor. Volunteer position – 2 yrs.

I believe the goals and objectives for the Board of Directors are: Ensure the governing documents
are enforced. Amend documents as needed. Be aware of the changing needs of the community. I walk
through all sections of the McKay’s Mill community each week. I pick up trash as I walk, and
am aware of areas needing improvement.

Jeffrey Diehl: I have been a resident of Franklin, Tennessee and Mckay’s Mill for 11 years. We reside in the Towne Park division. My wife, Jennifer, and I have two children: Sydney, a senior at Centennial High School, and Reagan, an eighth-grader at Page Middle School who will be a freshman at Centennial High School in the fall. Our children are involved in sports, school activities, and volunteer work with Cul2vate and our church, Holy Family Catholic. We moved to Tennessee from New Jersey, where we previously lived in Texas, California, Colorado, and Arizona. I hold an engineering degree from Texas A&M University and MBA from Arizona State University. Currently, I serve as Area Vice President for Verizon Business Group, leading a global customer service organization. I have been with Verizon for 18 years. Jennifer, a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Spanish, worked in the corporate world for Toyota Motor Company, as a District Service Manager, before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She now uses her skills as Business Operations Director for Cul2vate farms, a non-profit organization. Civic Organizations and positions held, prior volunteer service or Community Association experience: I am an active volunteer with Cul2vate, Centennial HS PTO, Centennial HS Soccer, and supporter of JDRF, whose cause we hold close to our hearts since our daughter was diagnosed with T1D at 13 years old. As a corporate executive, I proudly serve on various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Verizon. These ERGs are dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace: Verizon BOLD: This ERG supports the growth and development of Black employees and allies, fostering a culture of inclusion and empowerment. Verizon PRISM: A passionate community of LGBTQ+ employees and allies, Verizon PRISM advocates for equality and visibility in the workplace. Verizon VALOR: Our veterans and allies in Verizon VALOR showcase the strength and resilience of our military community. Verizon UNITED: United in progress, Verizon UNITED cultivates harmony and celebrates diverse cultures and perspectives. Verizon PACT: A supportive network of parents and caregivers, Verizon PACT promotes work-life balance and inclusive family policies. Verizon ADVANCE: Focused on accessibility and empowerment, Verizon ADVANCE champions the needs of employees with disabilities and their allies. WOW (Women of the World): Recognizing the vital role of continuous development, WOW invests in the next generation of female leaders through empowerment programs.
I believe the goals and objectives for the Board of Directors are: The goals of the homeowners association board of directors are to: Promote the health, safety, and welfare of the community; Maintain and improve the common areas and facilities; Enforce the community’s governing documents; Manage the financial affairs of the community; Represent the interests of the community to local government and other entities; Serve as a liaison between the community and the management company. In order to achieve these goals, the board of directors must: Be responsive to the needs of the community; Be transparent in their decision-making process; Be fiscally responsible; Be knowledgeable about the community’s governing documents and applicable laws; Be willing to volunteer their time and energy to serve the community; Be empathetic to residents situations. Most importantly, the board should Be REPRESENTATIVE of the community for which they serve. This includes age, race, family and economic demographic. The homeowner board should be representative of the community for which they serve. This includes age, race, family and economic demographic. The McKay’s Mill board is viewed largely by the Mckay’s Mill community as not being representative, not serving with empathy and courtesy to homeowners. My goal is to impact and influence this for the good of the community as a whole. For the well-being of the McKay’s Mill community, it is imperative that the homeowner board accurately reflects the diversity of the population they serve. This includes ensuring a balanced representation of different age groups, ethnicities, family structures, and economic backgrounds. However, the perception among residents is that the current board falls short in this regard, lacking empathy and courtesy in their interactions with homeowners. My objective is to advocate for positive change and influence the board to better align with the needs and interests of the community as a whole.

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