Easter Bunny update


Social committee would like to send an update to McKay’s Mill residence in regards to the Bunny Parade.

In light of the most recent updates calling Tennesseans to stay at home unless conducting essential activities, the committee has decided to request that residents remain at their homes or on their own private properties to view the parade.

We are aware that outdoor activity is still deemed appropriate within the stay at home order, however we do not want to host an event that may appear to encourage people to congregate as our subdivision is so large. We strongly urge residents to maintain social distancing and do not form groups at the streets.

The bunny will still drive around the subdivision and will attempt to drive down as many individual main and side streets as humanly possible. In the next day we will be posting our approximate route but know that it will begin near Turning Wheel, head EAST and hit all the streets on the right/south side of Liberty Pike, go to both sections at the Far East end, and head back west hitting all the streets in order going west toward Turning Wheel again.

We realize there is a small possibility that a few homes may not have an ideal view or ability to see the bunny and if this is the case we deeply apologize however we must do what we feel is safest. Plans during this unusual time are ever-changing on a daily basis, and as social committee we are constantly attempting to remain vigilant in our ability to provide fun events while maintaining best practice for health and well being in our community.

For further questions please email mcKaysMillsocial@gmail.com

Updated 4/3/2020

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