Tap Root Farm Incident – new information


We have been asked to add the following:

There are two Tap Roots properties behind McKays Mill. One is named Tap Roots Farm, the other is Tap Roots Too. The owner of Tap Roots Too, which backs up directly to McKays Mill called to clarify they do not allow guns to be shot nor do they have traps on that property. They do have security cameras up and would like for parents to be informed as kids are trespassing on their property as well. They are having issues with kids climbing their fence and leaving trash around even though they have “No Trespassing” signs posted.

The original report was actually regarding the Tap Roots Farm across Clovercroft. The three boys the owner encountered on their property were from McKays Mill. They reported they have had several issues with kids crossing Clovercroft, climbing their fence and entering their property. They would still like for McKays Mill owners to be aware that kids are crossing the roadway to enter a locked 200+ acre farm that does allow shooting and has traps on it. This is located directly across from Tap Roots Too, behind McKays Mill.



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